Here We Go! The birth of Siri Dyal Band or SDB 2002-2006

The band formed in 2002, in Dayton Ohio, the original members, include, Siri Dyal Kaur, Wes Claggett, and Rob Taylor. 
From Dayton Ohio to Seattle WA.  to record their debut CD “We R Here” by Siri Dyal Band  Vol 1  2006 release.   

2008 - 2011

Siri Dyal,  dropping the band name to be known as Great Mercy and Compassion  
 Evolving sounds, members, continuing the message of Great Mercy and Compassion   

2011-2020 and beyond

The band adding new members, instruments, sounds, and concepts, evolving their sound, while staying in their own brand of musical dramatic, thematic, concept driven storytelling thru lyric and rhythm and sound 

Continuing the story, with their latest long awaited Indy Release Siri Dyal Vol 2 “We R HomoAlienApianism”. Journey in Real Time with the band, as they prepare for the stage debut of HAA, a musical, visual, story of stories, as told by the band through sound and light, the story of HAA ”We R HomoAlienApianism”.   

Journey with the band as they navigate in the new paradigm of social distance,  “Nothing can stop this story from being told”  We have waited this long...

Now, it’s time to Bring it! Siri Dyal 2020 Look for the debut fall 20/20.   God Willing.