U belong 2 me.

I’m sorry I stayed away so long, I’m sorry u had to wait for so long, I’m sorry for playin those childish games ,but as a child we stayed the same. Oh baby don’t you know? You, belong 2 me,… From the dawn of time, on the akashic sea, fuchsia sparkles eternally spawn, encased in the white space of pure infinity. U belong 2. me, don’t you know? Ur the kind I love, the kind I am, and know. “you belong to me” I whispered in your ear, giggling at your passionate nonchalance… meet you tonight .. right? That same dream we had last night.. sometimes i wished some of the others would stick, so I could be free… floating … floating, but where would you be? My luv, I luv U,…. and, U belong to me. No, were not together, right here, or right now.. I feel your yearning and cryin out.. U don’t even really know my name, all U know, is this burning pain, so baby, don’t ya know, … I feel the same? I been wandering thru the dry desert, been calling out ur name, imaging conversations & golden silences at length , touching our foreheads, wrapped in embrace, lovas are dancing, lifes ignition, true submission, 2 this yearning this burning aching , not breaking , but mending- no pretending.. Baby! Come on U belong to me, ha ha heee …. We, my luv, have come so far, thru lifetimes and tragedy, living thru in calamity… Brighter and brighter, higher and higher.. my luv is so inspired…. neva gon get tired of sayin, and prayin, giving and sharin.. compassions true carrying…. Oh baby, I ‘m sorry for taking so long, but now I’m not sorry, cuz I got to sing this song, yes baby you’ve stayed strong, and now it’s time to come home cuz baby…… You belong 2 me 🙂

Peace and 1.

Siri D. 🙂

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Siri Dyal

My name is Siri Dyal :). Hello :). Thank you for coming to the portal of Siri Dyal. We R a band... a Movement.... A Voice.... That calls out for Justice! for Peace! for Compassion !,,,, Prosperity.... Healthiness... Happiness... for ALL! not just some. I share with All here, as a way of service to your heart, to your healing... as we journey this together... We Uplift each-other... Now ... maybe more than ever before... we have a paradigm shifting ;moment... where do we go? Deeper into the Darkness? or March towards our Destinies of Light,,, Of Peace! Harmony on Earth... Compassion for All.... we must seize this moment my friends... no matter if you live in the US, or any other country where this might be reaching you..... We R One! I promise my commitment to U... to always fight for US. ! If you have not checked out our music, please visit our store, buy something.... support Indy Artists, so that we also know that you believe in Us.... As we..... Believe in YOU!

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